Marzipano is a 360° media viewer for the modern web.

Supports all major desktop browsers and mobile devices.
Embraces standard web technologies and provides a powerful Javascript API.

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Get started with the Marzipano Tool

The tool generates a virtual tour from a set of panoramas and allows you to export it as web application that can be deployed as-is or used as a boilerplate for more advanced projects. Requires Firefox or Chrome.

Marzipano Tool

Starting from scratch

See the documentation for instructions.


Embraces the web

Designed to work with web standards. Control the viewer with a powerful Javascript API and create interfaces using standard HTML and CSS.

Browser support

Built with WebGL technology supported on all modern desktop and mobile browsers and devices.

Great performance

Marzipano is optimized to display 360° images of any size with the best performance possible. It is also lightweight: 55KB when gzipped.


Marzipano provides a simple API for the most common use cases, but it is designed to give the user a lot of control over how it works.

The demos showcase some of the possibilities that Marzipano allows and how to implement them. Their source code is available on GitHub.

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Simple Tour Demo

Simple responsive tour generated with the Marzipano Tool. Includes features such as hotspots and autorotate.

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Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with Marzipano is using the:
Marzipano Tool

The tool processes your panoramas on the browser. Both sphere (equirectangular) and cubeface formats are supported. After processing you can export a virtual tour application that can be deployed to any web hosting platform. This application may also be used as a boilerplate for further customization using standard Javascript, HTML and CSS. The Marzipano tool requires the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

If you would like to start an application from scratch, check the documentation.


Please post bug reports on the GitHub issue tracker. Use the discussion group for suggestions, questions or comments.

Marzipano is not an official Google product.