Interface: ControlMethod


A method to control the view

A ControlMethod works by emitting the parameterDynamics event with the following arguments:

  • The name of the parameter it affects
  • A Dynamics instance with the movement information

The parameter may be one of the following: x, y, axisScaledX, axisScaledY, zoom, yaw, pitch.

These parameters are scaled differently by each view. For instance, RectilinearView interprets x and a change in yaw scaled by the current fov.

ATTENTION: the parameter definitions are likely to be refactored in the future.

The active and inactive events must also be emitted when the user starts or finishes interacting with the controls.



Signals that interaction with this control method has started.


Signals that interaction with this control method has stopped.


Signals a change in a control parameter.

Name Type Description
parameter string

The name of the parameter that is being affected.

dynamics Dynamics

How the parameter changed since the last such event.

Listeners of This Event: